2014 Readers Choice Awards

The Steampunk Chronicle is pleased to announces the winners of the 2014 Reader’s Choice Awards

This years has been a major competition with much campaigning among the nominees. The editors of The Steampunk Chronicle want to thank ALL of the readers who took the time to nominate and to vote this year, and to all the nominees and winners for being SUCH good sports.

Without further ado, the winners:

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2014 Winners

Album of the Year MK III by Steam Powered Giraffe
Best Band Steam Powered Giraffe
Best Group Performance (non-music) The Aether Brigade
Best Music Video "Steampunk Style" by Brute Force Studios
Best Performance Artist Sarah Hunter
Best Personality (real person) Professor Elemental
Best Podcast Sounds of Steam
Best Solo Musician Professor Elemental
Song of the Year Mecto Amore, by Steam Powered Giraffe
Best Photographer Geekshot Photography
Best Short Film Trial of the Mask: Adventures of Steampunk Boba Fett
Best TV Series Ripper Street
Best Web Series The League of S.T.E.A.M.
Best Website Airship Ambassador
Worst use of Steampunk in mainstream media Still Justin Beiber!
Best Steampunk Card, Board or Miniatures Game Terror of the Skies! (
Best Steampunk Game Creator Daniel Burrow of Cracked Monocle (
Best Steampunk RPG or LARP Abney Park - Airship Pirates (
Best Steampunk Video Game Bioshock Infinite (
Best Children's Steampunk Fiction Walking Your Octopus/Otto & Victoria – Brian Kesinger
Best Young Adult Steampunk Fiction Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld
Best Fiction Ministry Protocol: Thrilling Tales of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences
Best Short Story Aetheric Elements: The Rise of a Steampunk Reality
Best Steampunk Poetry "Starving in Metropolis" by Pablo "Mr. Saturday" Vazquez
Best Steampunk Script The Duelist (from the World of Steam)
Best Non- fiction Anatomy of Steampunk and Steampunk Apothecary-Jema Hewitt
Best Maker Book "The Steampunk Adventurer's Guide" by Thomas Willeford
Best Steampunk Periodical Steampunk Literary Review (Doctor Geof)
Best Artist/Illustrator Brian Kessinger
Best Graphic Novel Tales from the Clockwork Empire
Best Web Comic Girl Genius
Best Goggles Airship Isabella
Best Maker-Group League of S.T.E.A.M.
Best Maker-Individual Richard "Doc" Nagy aka Datamancer
Best piece of Accessory Equipment Transformer Helmet
Best Use of Leather Airship Isabella
Best use of Lights Dragonfly Armory
Best use of Motors (non-vehicle) Paul Boberg's Rotary Steam Engine
Best use of Smoke/Steam Steam Powered Giraffe
Best use of Sound Steve Negrete of Steam Powered Giraffe
Best Vehicle Neverwas Hall
Best Weaponry Airship Isabella
Best Wings The Vagabonds
Best Costume - Dieselpunk Dragonfly Armory
Best Costume - Group Steam Powered Giraffe
Best Costume - Individual Original Mike Seals: Steampunk Aquanaut
Best Costume - Individual Recreation Steampunk Rowena Ravenclaw- Aleta Pardalis
Best Costume - Kids Steampunk Rocketer -Josh Seals
Best Designer - Group or Collective Steam Powered Giraffe
Best Designer - Individual Joanna Read - Blue Lady Couture
Best Designer - Non-US Alassie from El Costurero
Best Dressed -Female Sarah Hunter
Best Dressed -Male Kory Doyle
Best Jewelry Designer Dr Brassy Steampunk
Best Milliner Milliner Extraordinaire-Deborah Olson
Best Place to Shop Online Brute Force Studios
Steampunk Fashion Icon Sarah Hunter
Best Steampunk Track in a Federated (aka Mega) Convention Dragon*Con
Best Small Steampunk Convention Air City Expedition
Best Overall Convention TeslaCon
Best Steampunk Event (non-convention) Artifice Club's  Grimm Gear Gala
Best Convention for Performances TeslaCon
Best Convention for Parties TeslaCon
Best Convention Party Host Calamity Labs
Best Convention show or event MC Lord Bobbins
Convention Director of the Year Eric Larson (Lord Bobbins)-Teslacon
Best Non-US Based Convention The Asylum - UK
Best regional convention -New England Air City Expedition
Best regional convention -Mid Atlantic ConTemporal
Best regional convention -Southeast AnachroCon
Best regional convention -Northwest SteamCon
Best regional convention -Southwest Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention
Best regional convention -Midwest Steampunk Empire Symposium
Best regional convention -South Central Aetherfest
Best Character/Persona Steampunk Boba Fett
Best City for Steampunk Atlanta, GA
Most Steampunk Location Lincoln, UK
Best Themed Cafe or Bar Official Teslacon Tea Room
Most Steampunk Drink Old Fashioned
Best Multicultural Steampunk Steampunk India-Suna Dasi
Best Politically minded Steampunk Diana M Pho
Best Crowdfunded Project The League of STEAM Season Three
Steam-Hunk Tony Ballard Smoot (aka Anthony la Grange)
Steampunk Pinup Girl Sarah Hunter
Steampunk "Heart of Brass" (Female) Trish Nolde AKA Henrietta Hoppingood
Steampunk "Heart of Brass" (Male) Captain Bill Bill (aka Bill Harrison)
Steampunk Person to Watch in 2014 David Lee
Steampunk Group/Couple to Watch in 2014 League of STEAM