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Backing Steam: Metalalia
Created by mgcolbaugh on 4/14/2014 7:10:00 PM

The Metalalia Kickstarter is looking to take advantage of everything tablets have to offer and provide a true multi-media experience in storytelling using a combination of writing, art, and music.

Every now and again you get a Kickstarter that stands out for trying something new.  Metalalia is one such Kickstarter.  Looking to take advantage of everything tablets have to offer, Metalalia hopes to provide a true multi-media experience in storytelling.  Using a combination of writing, art, and music their stories will be delivered straight to people’s tablets and provide exciting new Fairytales in a variety of settings.  Some such settings include both Dieselpunk and Steampunk.  Here is more information in the organizers own words:


Please introduce yourself to those who might not know who you are:

PAM: My name's Pam Shaffer and I'm an LA musician. I've released two albums and several music videos, which have been featured on Sepiachord and Under the Radar. I've also played with steampunk favorites like Unwoman and Birdeatsbaby.

ALEX: I'm Alex Nicholson, I'm a British writer from Staffordshire. I used to run a theatre company called Mixed Things but now I mainly write screenplays and short stories. My first screenplay was nominated by UCLA for the Nate Wilson Joie de Vivre award! I got into steampunk about six years ago, through the British LARP scene.


What project are you looking to get backed?

Our project is called Metalalia. It's an app featuring mixed-media fairytales rewritten in sparkling new settings. Each story features original art and music specially composed for the tale, and all are narrated in the pleasing accent of writer Alex along with an original score by Pam. Talented friends of theirs have chipped in to create gorgeous illustrations for each page as well.


How do you hope your project impacts the Steampunk Community?

Two of our three launch stories are set in steampunk-inspired worlds. The Wind-up Boy, our take on Pinocchio, features a little robot created to fight for the Italian Empire against the British in a colonial steampunk fin de siecle epic. The Hair Woven Rope is a retelling of Rapunzel in which our heroine frees herself from a floating dieselpunk fortress with the help of a swashbuckling biplane pilot. We are big fans of steampunk storytellers like The Mechanisms and The Clockwork Quartet, and we want to contribute to the community in a similar vein. We are lucky to have Mishkin of Birdeatsbaby collaborating on the music for The Wind-up Boy as well!


Where would the money go to if you are funded?

Unfortunately, apps are expensive. We need to develop a new platform because the current crop of e-readers just can't cope with the variety of content we want to provide. We also want to pay for professional sound engineers to master our audio, and of course we have developer fees and server fees and all of those annoying costs that add up. We'd really like to compensate our artists and musicians as well!


What can fans expect for backing your project?

We've got some very exciting Kickstarter-exclusive offers available for people who back now! Do you want signed prints? Hand-made chapbooks? A customized USB featuring Pam's entire back catalog and videos? Maybe you'd even like to choose the next story we cover? We have tempting rewards for people regardless of how much they can contribute.


Is there anything else you would like to say to current or potential backers?

Thank you so much for supporting our project! We feel very passionately about sharing our stories and we hope that you'll enjoy them too. Please pass the word on to your friends!


You can find more information about their Kickstarter here:

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