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Please lend your support to Steampunk Chronicle.  The SpC is a completely volunteer organization.  These volunteers have been funding the software, travel expenses, server and hosting for the SpC out of their own pockets, and with the increase in usage and the SpC has simply outgrown our space.

We are calling on those of you that support us and value us as part of the community to help us grow our capacity in order to serve you better.

Our Goals

A new, faster web hosting server and web connection for greater browsing speed!
A more mobile-friendly web design for better ease of use, regardless of your platform.
Filling our open staff positions, department writers and editors spots with talented and dedicated people.
Financially supporting our writers and editors for some travel expenses in order to provide better coverage at more great Steampunk Events.

Help us raise the necessary funds to be better and stronger news source and provide the Steampunk community the type of news coverage it can be proud of.

Donate today. Any amount helps.

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The Editors, Staff and Publisher
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Is donation not your thing, how about advertizing?

Steampunk Chronicle will be hosting the Reader's Choice Awards. Last year, we had more than 50,000 page views for the contest, and we expect 20,000 unique visitors this year. These visitors are self-describing as STEAMPUNKS. We offer a very refined collection of eyes, folks that are interested in Steampunk clothing, books, accessories, activities, services and events. 

We are offering, once again, a PERMANENT opportunity to advertise on the Steampunk Chronicle Reader's Choice Award pages for 2014. There are a LIMITED number of ads that will be permanently attached to the winners page. Only 12 spaces are up for grabs, and they are business card sized block ads available for a one time buy at $150. Winners will be on display permanently starting the last week of April 2014.

Also this year we have two ad options for the voting and the nominations pages: a lot of impressions ($10 per 1k impressions) or you can purchase a permanent banner for the page at $150. Nominations and voting will be from January 25  to the second week of April. Here is a link to the Awards page:

All you have to do to get started is provide the following:
1.  An image in the appropriate size.  ALL permanent ads are (240x 120 ) and cost $150. All other ads are standard banner ads (468 x 60), and are $10 per 1000 impressions. Please indicate your desired budget for 
2.   A click through link (The page to where you want the the viewer to go)...
3.   Indicate whether you would like your ad on the nominations / voting pages, or the winner's page.

Email your response to and we will start the run of the add right away, and you will receive an invoice.

We look forward to working with you and mutually raising the visibility of Steampunk across the globe.. 

Thank you,
Emilie P. Bush
Editor - in - Chief

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