Professor Elemental’s “The Giddy Limit”
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Professor Elemental’s “The Giddy Limit”

What is the giddy limit? In British slang, it’s the last straw, all you can stand. “That’s the giddy limit! I’ve had enough of you sitting around the house, drinking tea and blaring that infernal chap-hop!” No surprise, the self-professed slang orangutan Professor Elemental has adopted it as the title for his latest release. In his case, he repurposes the phrase as a test for the threshold of giddiness.

How does he test this giddiness? He experiences it from its extremes. Elemental raves with vertiginous joy, but he is also recounts a darker, out-of-breath, half-crazed dizziness. Elemental explores these limits, these thresholds.

Things start out with an example of vertiginous joy. “All in Together” bounces along with a ska-based call to “celebrate your oddities, your worth, your sexuality/Celebrate your urges, celebrate humanity/Celebrate your fetishes, my message is clear/ There’s no such thing as normal. Everybody’s weird.” “Hat Full of Sunshine” luxuriates in the fabulous summer sun. “Enter the Convention” pays tribute to getting down with the geek tribe in a hotel with rapid patter and a harmonica. “Do the Boogaloo” throws breaks over 78s for a delightful dance.

Throw in a little danger and derring-do for examples of dark giddiness. “You’re Being Hunted” sees the Professor travelling interdimesionally to find himself chased by robotic poachers in tweed and mechanical hounds. The seafaring “This Means War!” invites nautical battle with marauders (while citing Bugs Bunny and Popeye).

His treatise on giddiness stands as of reportage from the dizzying core, not an analytic essay on its apogee. It’s the quirky quality versus the quantity. There are calls to camaraderie as well as tales of bullets and cannon fire whizzing overhead. As if that is not enough, the half-hour EP also comes with a full-length mix of B-sides, remixes and bric-a-brac from DJ Nick Maxwell. Whee!

Mr. M plays theremin and other oddball musical devices in the old-timey mad scientist band The White City Rippers and twangs washtub bass in the steampunk Britney Spears tribute band Spears and Gears. He also spins the amber oldies with the Lords & Ladies DJ crew.

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