A Brief Introduction to American Tea Duelling.
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Editrix de Mode and Founder of the American Tea Duelling Society, Wilhelmina Frame, chronicles the introduction of the sport of Tea Duelling to the United States.

America is a country that loves sport. So it comes as no surprise that the Steampunk endorsed sport of Tea Duelling has crossed the Atlantic from the UK to take the United States by storm.

In a nutshell, or perhaps a delicate teaspoon, Tea Duelling is a challenge of skill, technique and wits between two individuals. Each duellist chooses a A tea duel in progress at S.T.E.A.M.Festweapon in the form of a bisquit (or a cookie, to us Americans). When directed by the Tea Duelling official, The Tiffin Master, duellists dunk their bisquit into a cup of hot tea for a count of five. At the end of the count, the duel is on! The duellists battle to be the last to achieve a clean “nom”. A duellist must manage to get the wet bisquit into their mouth before it breaks, falls into the teacup, on the table or on their person. The last person to achieve this is declared the winner of the duel! During a tournament, the Tiffin Master is assisted by the Pot Master. The Pot Master, or Mistress, is charged the preparation of the “Brew Martial” and the handling of all bisquits. The American Tea Duelling Society is the official sanctioned body for Tea Duelling in the United States. The American Tea Duelling Society is an affiliate of The Honourable Association of Tea Duellists.

The American Tea Duelling Society presented their inaugural competition at Anachro*Con in Atlanta on February 26, 2012 with Major Thadeus Tinker, co-inventor, with Doctor Geof Fetishman, of the sport of Tea Duelling, presiding as Tiffin Master and assisted by Lady Elsie, recently voted top Steampunk personality in the 2012 SPC Reader’s Choice Awards, acting as Pot Mistress.

Many curious attendees answered the call to duel. In the end, Livya Mitchell emerged triumphant in an additional sudden death duel after both she and opponent April Cobb failed to achieve clean noms in the original final duel. Ms. Mitchell, who stumbled upon the tournament, was heard to exclaim, “I was just here to deliver the water!” immediately before the beginning of her tourney winning duel. The American Tea Duelling Society immediately adopted this phrase as their motto.

Tiffin Master Thadeus Tinker and Anachro*Con Champion Livya MitchellTea Duelling is a truly egalitarian sport offering a level playing field for men, women, old and young. In fact, women have been early dominators winning tournaments at Anachro*Con, Anomaly*Con and S.T.E.A.M.Fest. Cheering or otherwise encouraging your favorite duellist (and booing or inciting their opponent) is completely allowed and encouraged. It is however, considered poor form to engage in side betting.

If you would like to test your duelling prowess, the next American Tea Duelling Society Tournament will be overseen by founder and Tiffin Master, Wilhelmina Frame, at Steampunk Empire Symposium on April 28, 2012 at 2pm.

To learn more about Tea Duelling visit the website of our international governing body, The Honourable Association of Tea Duellists at and also join The American Tea Duelling Society on Facebook.

(The American Tea Duelling Society uses the British spelling of Duelling.)

Watch the final of the Anachro*Con tournament in action!




Editrix de Mode and Part Time Lion Tamer, Wilhelmina Frame travels the globe in pursuit of adventure and style. When not in the circus ring with Rajah, her tiger and the rest of her “Kitten Kabal” (seven lions, three cheetahs and a rather droll panther), Ms. Frame can be seen at the most fabulous parties, in the latest fashions, sparkling with wit in conversation. Wilhelmina is also the Tiffin Master and founder of The American Tea Duelling Society. Ms. Frame's alter-ego, Gretchen Jacobsen, is a freelance producer, self taught costumer and prolific crafter. She sings quite well also.

You can check out the exploits of the American Tea Duelling Society at or follow Ms. Frame on Pinterest or @ptliontamer on Twitter. 


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