What's on for British Steampunk for 2012!
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Special UK correspondent L.C. Longo is working hard and partying harder to keep you all in the loop for British Steampunk events in 2012.

Article by Special UK correspondent L.C. Longo.

There are a few things fast approaching in the New Year, most notably the 3rd annual Steampunk New Year’s event in Corby; an intimate little gathering of all manner of Steampunks along with some of the better publicised Brit-steamers. The premise is simple and timeless. We all get together, rent out a hotel, get pissed for 3 days and do some crazy things like swim in the hotel pool in our Victorian costumes.The Steampunk New Year event has historically been a very small group gathering of the Victorian Steampunk Society members and their close friends, but for the first time Major Tinker (Creator and organiser of the Asylum) opened it to the ‘family’ via the Asylum website. With only 100 places to fill tickets went fast. The feeling of this event should be very similar to a small American convention, with a very free flow event ‘schedule’ and variety performances planned.

During the day there will be talks and workshops, dance classes, role play games, tea duelling and other activities. I of course have my ticket and room booked and my swimming costume sewn! For more information on what to expect take a look here 

Moving onto February brings the first Surrey Steampunk Convivial, an event that is geared to turn into a monthly makers gathering and workshop event. This is being run by Ben Henderson and his wife Trixia, (both halves of the band Moth). Ben and Trixia are looking to create a community arts project/event for all the London steamers. Cool things should come out of it if it all goes well, and I look forward to seeing this become a main stay for British Steampunk.

White Mischief is back in April with the “Royal Jubilee” ball, and this time it is pure steampunk. You better believe I will be there! The line up is looking killer as always. Billed as – ‘a multi-room extravaganza of vaudeville entertainment, live music, interactive art and steampunk crafts’, White Mischief will be returning to London's former art nouveau cinema, Scala, much to the frantic delight of all of us over here. I better get cracking on an outfit!

Steampunk Festival 2012 is happening in Wales in August and if you haven't heard of it -- it's going to be huge! The festival is hosted by LIVE SOUND PROMOTION, a music promotion business based in Mid Wales who are responsible for a number of events including ‘Viva la Rock’. They boast an extensive performer register and seem keen on getting into the steampunk market. Any band worth their cogs has already been signed to play at it. Information can be found via the website and yes... I have already bought my ticket.

In September, do we really need we an introduction for this one? ASYLUM 2012!!! Honestly I am beyond excited. The Asylum is organised and run by the Victorian Steampunk Society which is a not-for-profit organisation which exists to promote the Steampunk Community in the UK. As I am sure you are all aware, the event attracts visitors from all over the world to enjoy a full convention style day programme and steampunk market with a fringe style evening programme of live theatre, music and comedy. Featuring The Bazaar Eclectica, reported to be is the largest purely steampunk market in the world, and hosting many established and up and coming steampunk artists, I know my pockets will be nice and empty come the end. Every time I leave one of the Asylum events I can’t wait for the next one, and this year is going to prove a new challenge to the organisers with the recent change of location due to the previous location, ‘The Lawns’, being sold to a private company. We will find ourselves sweeping across historic Lincoln in our finery rather than clustered in one main hub. In my opinion, not a bad thing at all!

And I haven't even mentioned all the stuff still being planned and finalised including Waltz on the Wye Steampunk/NeoVictorian in Chepstow-which, larger meet-ups, small events, parties and club events.

2012 is looking like a killer year for British steampunks.

I'll keep you posted!



Special UK Correspondent L.C. Longo has been described as a force of nature unto herself, an enigma of both time and space, a hero of the dance floor and a time bandit of noted distinction. Currently residing just outside of Central London after permanently moving over from Pennsylvania in 2005, Ms. Longo makes it her business to have as much fun as is humanly possible. Working by day for the British government, by night she can be found at any sort of party provided they are serving gin... and cake. Flying the sepia flag for lovers of the post apocalyptic aesthetic, she has been known to roll a multi-sided dice from time to time and keeps a zombie survival guide by her bedside with notes in the margins. Leanna is available for parties and weddings and enjoys nothing more than meeting new steampunks and listening to their ideas. Knowledge is power, and each steampunk has something wonderful to bring to the table. Her favourite book is The Lies of Locke Lamora, she enjoys moon lit walks at night on the beach, laughing at herself and not taking life too seriously.


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